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Ultra Marathon Podcasts & Apps

Ultra Marathon Podcasts & Apps

Scanning the internet for ultra marathon podcasts and apps, I was astounded by the breadth of information that was available. But the beauty of much of what is out there, is that it is genuinely good advice from people who are experts in this field.

The sort of questions that you will have as a novice will be mostly around preparation and training. Once you get to the event itself you should be fairly confident that you know what you are doing.

More than any other running event, the ultra marathon gives you a chance to fine tune your preparation because both the race itself and the lead up to it are much longer. If you enter a half marathon or a marathon, the chances are you will only have a few months to prepare. So you pick a training program and you stick with it. If it works, great. If not, try a different one next time.

The podcasts available for ultra marathon runners tend to have a far less formal structure. It is all about what suits you. There are guidelines, particularly surrounding training programs and nutrition but, on the whole, the experts suggest that you adapt these guidelines so they suit you.

One thing I would suggest, is that you get yourself some good downloads to listen to. Whether it is inspirational music from a downloaded playlist, your own selection of tunes, or an audio book – there will be times when you need some distraction on those long runs. There are a plethora of playlists created for runners, and again, trial and error will help you understand what you need, and when.


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