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Marathon Inspiration & Support

Marathon Inspiration & Support

A 12-16 week marathon training program is a really hard commitment to fulfil and you will need a constant source of marathon inspiration and support if you are to succeed with your goal. Where you go for that support is largely a matter of choice but wherever you get it from, do be prepared to seek help in moments of despair.

And, remember that you too can be a source of marathon inspiration and support for others. It has been a long time since you were that novice runner, making the monumental decision to get up off the couch, into a pair of running shoes and into a more active lifestyle. Your experiences along the way may well prove to be the inspiration and support that someone else needs. And getting a message from someone who has benefited from your words of wisdom may prove to be just the motivation you need to keep pushing yourself to new limits.

Sources of marathon inspiration and support are varied. Those lucky enough to have supportive family and friends can turn to them in moments of need but all too often those nearest and dearest to us are bemused by our need to get up and run, no matter what the weather. Exploring the running forums will unearth running blogs and websites, inspirational video clips and any amount of posts from people experiencing the same emotions/challenges and barriers as you.

Running magazines, books by runners and films about amazing achievements are also great sources of marathon inspiration and support.


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