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5k Inspiration & Support

5k Inspiration & Support

The biggest challenge has been facing the fact that you needed to make life changes. It may have been a doctor telling you that you were overweight. Your partner may have told you some uncomfortable home truths or you simply couldn’t play with your kids without feeling breathless.

But we all need support when it comes to making life changes. For many, the biggest challenge will be just stepping out of the door in running kit. But no matter how embarrassed you may feel, there are so many people who will see what you are doing and applaud you for it. There will also be many people wishing they could be as brave as you. And you can see inspirational people all around you.

The man who shed 120 pounds, and a year after he took up running completed his first marathon. The woman who hadn’t run since childhood and is now looking for a 10k race to compete in. These are real people and they have been inspired and supported on their journey.

Where can you go for support

The thing to remember is that there are thousands of people just like you. They also woke up one day, looked in the mirror and thought, ‘something needs to change’. And, just like you, they have questions that they want to ask.

‘How do I start running?’ ‘Where can I get a training plan that suits me?’ ‘How do I fit running into an already packed schedule?’ These are all questions that crop up time and again, and the only people who can truly answer them are the people who are doing it.

Running forums, such as C25K are fantastic places to ask questions and get the answers you want. No matter how silly you might feel your question is, there will be someone else who wants to know the same thing, and there will be someone who can help you.

Support from families and friends is important but sadly it is not always available. That is when the running community can step up and offer support and inspiration through their own experiences. Visit the C25K Forum website for many stories about people just like you.

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