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How to Run Faster

How to Run Faster

There are a number of ways that you can increase your speed and all of these can be incorporated into your current training session. The easiest thing is to introduce some sprints into one or more of your weekly runs. The official name for this type of training is Fartlek training, a phrase meaning speed play in Swedish. During a Fartlek session you would walk part of the distance, then jog and then add a burst of speed, before slowing to a walk again. This sequence can be repeated as many times as you wish.

If you are exploring how to run faster, another method might be to introduce some sprint intervals into your weekly sessions. Instead of going for a long run, go to a park or find a quiet stretch of footpath to work on and do a number of sprints over a set distance. Between each sprint walk back to the start as a recovery and then repeat. You can choose both the distance to sprint and the amount of repetitions you are going to do.

Hill running is another way in which you can improve your speed. Find a hill or an incline and, again choose the number of repetitions and the distance you are going to sprint. This will feel like an incredibly hard work out, so be prepared to feel quite breathless after each repetition and to feel heavy in the legs once you have finished.

You might also consider adding a weights session to your weekly activities. Building your leg strength is very important in your quest to run faster as the muscles will generate the power to help you sprint. Running fast involves much more explosive power than jogging or running.

Remember to do a good cool down and stretch after running faster because there will be a lot of lactic acid build up in your muscles and if you feel really sore, you will not be so keen to do speed sessions again. However, the benefits of learning how to run fast are great. You will burn more calories, you will feel invigorated after a session, you will become a better runner and you will attain new levels of fitness.

A quick trawl around some of the running websites will point you in the direction of some varied running programs, designed to teach you how to run faster.

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