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10k Inspiration & Support

10k Inspiration & Support

If you have embarked on a 10K training program, chances are you need somewhere to turn for 10K inspiration and support. The transition from 5K to 10K is quite daunting for many runners, it is twice the distance after all! But, with a bit of 10K inspiration and support, you will be able to overcome the obstacles and barriers and complete the program, possibly even entering a 10K race as a culmination of your training.

Many runners post on the forum that they have started the program, but have had to stop because they cannot afford the time, or they simply do not feel up to it. For everyone who finds themselves in that situation, it is important to say that a break in any training program is not the end of the world. If the program is proving too hard, just go back a few weeks to a point in the training you felt comfortable with.

If you have had to stop through illness and injury, the same thing applies. You should not expect to get straight back on the program where you left it, rather you should re-join the program at a stage you feel you can run comfortably.

There are some great podcasts that will support you to get back on track. Listen to these as you are doing your program and you will rediscover your self motivation. If it is inspiration you need, then visit the C25K forum website and read some of the real life stories from people who had just about given up on life but used running to get back on track.

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