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Half Marathon Podcasts & Apps

Half Marathon Podcasts & Apps

There are some great half marathon podcasts and apps currently available The authors of these podcasts and the designers of apps designed to help you through your first half marathon have called on their own experiences to provide you with the support you need to get through the training program.

The online support now available means that you never need to train clutching a paper training sheet, or wearing a stopwatch. Simply download the program to your MP3/iPod and off you go.

As you increase your distance from 10K to half marathon, you will find your training programs become much more complicated. Where the shorter distances were just about building your distance, with half marathon training you will spend some sessions doing speed work, others doing interval training or long, slow runs. You will also experience the heart-pumping tempo run during which you run for a sustained period at a faster pace than normal. You will find a podcast that talks you through these training programs or an app that will prompt you on the run.

And this is why there are so many podcasts and apps dedicated to helping runners just like you. You can choose from half marathon podcasts and apps that are specifically designed for a training program with pre-selected music, or you can create a bespoke playlist to accompany the training program.

Aside from offering you constant instruction to help you through the complexities of your training program, many people find that they really need the beat in the music to motivate them as they run, it is a distraction from the effort they are putting into their training.


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