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10k Podcasts & Apps

10k Podcasts & Apps

If you have used podcasts and apps through your C25K program, you will want to use 10K podcasts and apps to support you as you move to 10K training. If you have been using a podcast or app that gives you verbal instruction and motivation, as well as music, you will know how invaluable that is, particularly when you are having a tough day. For the 10K program, being able to listen to instructions as well as working to some high tempo music will probably become even more important to you, and a vital part of your workout.

Once you increase your distance from 5K to 10K, you will find your training programs become more complicated. Rather than carry pieces of paper that you constantly stop to reference, by using 10K podcasts and apps you will be able to listen to your trainer, or respond to the tempo of the music.

And this is why there are so many 10K podcasts and apps dedicated to helping runners just like you. You can choose from podcasts that are specifically designed for 10K runners, or you can make your own playlist; downloading a music program timed to change tempo when you need to, slowing for the walking section, speeding up for the running part of the work-out.

Aside from offering you a safe way to keep time during your run, many people find that they really need the beat in the music to motivate them as they run, it is a distraction from the effort they are putting into their training.

The beauty of the play lists that you can download, is that they have been designed by people who have actually followed the program themselves and understand what you need to stay motivated. They have stepped out of the door on a dark, wet evening and the only thing that has kept them moving has been the tunes they have been listening to. And that is the knowledge and experience they are passing on to you.


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