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Tools and calculators

Tools and calculators

Running is all about figures, right? Miles run/walked, calories burnt, average speed, fastest pace, slowest pace, pace per mile, miles per hour.

It can get confusing and, in some cases obsessive, but there are some things that it is important to know if you are to make the most of each training session. Luckily there are tools and calculators for every statistic available online.

Visit the C25K website and you will be able to have a look at some of the incredibly powerful tools that are designed to take the stress out of running.

Need to know what pace to run at? Curious about how long that race should take you to complete? Want to look back and see how you have progressed in the last month? How long did it take you to run that trail run two weeks ago? There are online tools and calculators that will provide the answers to all these questions and many, many more.

For many runners the amount of gadgetry available to provide this data is too much, they just want to run and note their results for next time. There are simple programs that cater just for that. However, at the other end of the scale there are online tools and calculators that will satisfy the most statistic hungry among you.

Other options among the tools and calculators you will discover on the C25K site include a program that links you with other runners so you can participate in challenges, or allows you to upload your data so your running buddies can see what you have been up to on your training runs and races.

And just to make sure life is as stress-free as possible, you can also use an online program to match your music playlist to the pace your training run demands of you. You simply enter the run and the duration, and the program does the rest.

With online tools and calculators such as these, there really is no excuse for not getting the very most out of your training programs.


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