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5k Podcasts & Apps

5k Podcasts & Apps

Why might you need to use 5K podcasts and apps? Well, here is the scenario. You have a program, which involves changing pace every three minutes. You anxiously check your watch; you take your eyes off the road and ‘bang’ you have tripped up the kerb. What you need is a personal trainer sitting on your shoulder telling you what to do next. And if that personal trainer could combine some great motivational music as well, then that would be a bonus. That is why 5K podcasts and apps are so important.

And this is why there are so many 5K podcasts and apps dedicated to helping runners just like you. You can choose from podcasts that are specifically designed for C25K runners, or you can make your own playlist; downloading a music program timed to change tempo when you need to, slowing for the walking section, speeding up for the running part of the work-out.

Aside from offering you a safe way to keep time during your run, many people find that they really need the beat in the music to motivate them as they run, it is a distraction from the effort they are putting into their training.

Likewise, 5K podcasts and apps that are designed to help you with your training can be great motivators. Again, you can download music apps that play at a certain beat depending upon the speed you are running at, or that change tempo each time you reach a different stage of your run – a slow tempo for your warm-up, faster for your run, slow for your cool down. Or you can opt for an app that does not provide music but has a trainer telling you what to do. You can choose the style – from boot camp-style barked commands to encouragement from top athletes.

The beauty of either 5K podcasts or apps is that they do away the need for a stopwatch. You can wear your mobile device comfortably on your arm and there is no need to keep checking a watch or to carry a stop watch.

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