Running for Beginners, from Couch to 5k and Beyond

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A few years ago now I ended decades of life on the couch, and went from being very fat  to ideal weight by starting to run. I got there by following the couch to 5k plan, the first step to running for beginners as well as following a much healthier diet.

Since then I have been a beginner runner many times over; a beginner at training to run 10km, and then a beginner half marathon runner. From there I became a marathon beginner, and after that a beginner ultra marathoner.

I have found that with running you never stop learning, and as every new challenge presents itself, there is a whole lot of new information and people’s experiences to absorb. In fact though I have now run many marathons and ultras, I still consider myself a beginner runner.

I have designed this site to provide just about everything someone seeking information for running for beginners could be looking for. Each section comprises information for the main running distances people train for: 5km, 10km, half marathon, the marathon and ultra marathons.  In each section information and links to resources are provided covering important areas such as training plans, health and injuries, nutrition, resources such as podcasts and apps, as well as where to find inspiration and support. I hope you find the Running for Beginners website helpful in achieving your running goal for the very first time, whether it be to run your first 5km or your first 100 mile ultra. Rob

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