Running For Beginners

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Jogging 5k

If you are contemplating taking up jogging as an activity, you may find the hardest thing is taking the first step. But there are so many reasons why getting off the sofa and into your training shoes is a great thing to do.

Couch to 10k

You have mastered running 5k and now you feel you are ready to step up to your next challenge. It might be that you have completed your 5k program and felt so good about yourself that you want to challenge yourself further. Or it might be that you have been losing weight through your 5k program but have hit a plateau and need to push yourself harder to continue towards your target weight.

Half Marathon Training

The running distances involved in half marathon training provides both the next challenge for those who are comfortable over 10K and can also be a good basis for people aspiring to run a marathon. If you have your sights set on running the 21K (13.1 miles) of a half marathon then you should be prepared to devote a lot more time to your running than you spent on your 10K training program but the health benefits are immense.

Marathon Training

Once running has become a part of your life, and friends and family recognise that you are a runner, a familiar question will be: ‘When are you going to run a marathon?’ But before you rush to sign up for an event, you must ask yourself: ‘Are you ready for marathon training?’

Ultra Marathon Training

‘You must be mad’; this is quite a common reaction to runners who are contemplating taking on an ultra marathon race, but speak to anybody who has run ultra marathons and you will find a perfectly normal, albeit highly motivated, person who just loves a tough, personal challenge.

Trail Running

For excitement and a break from the ordinary, there is no more liberating activity than trail running. Forget the excruciating cross country runs you were sent on at school, this is the chance to leave the city and the tarmac behind and indulge in fresh air and new scenery. For some trail and ultra running inspiration, watch the videos at UltraRunTV.

How to Run Faster

There are a number of ways that you can increase your speed and all of these can be incorporated into your current training session. The easiest thing is to introduce some sprints into one or more of your weekly runs.

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